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  • SPRO contract comparisons from the most recent contracts given out by your favorite baseball team for free agents, arbitration eligible and others. Find out what's going on in contract negotiations, what they've been paid, what they should have with the Stat Geek Baseball's SPRO Salary Projection system, and more.

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    Brandon Morrow signs 2 year $21,000,000 with Cubs.

    SPRO Analysis - Chicago Cubs overpay for Morrow. Yeh, pitched great for too few innings in two huge ballparks. SPRO 2 years $11,459,000.

    Bryan Shaw signs 3 year $27,000,000 with Rockies.

    SPRO Analysis - Colorado overpays for Shaw. Between Shaw and Davis, this just proves that too much time in thin air has an impact on judgement. An ERA that has climbed each year for four in Cleveland. Just wait till you see what it is at Coors. SPRO 2 years $10,661,000.

    Joe Smith signs 2 year $15,000,000 with Astros.

    SPRO Analysis - Houston pays market value for Smith. SPRO 2 years $13,112,000.

    Anthony Swarzak signs 2 year $14,000,000 with Mets.

    SPRO Analysis - New York Mets overpay for Swarzak, but just slightly. SPRO 2 year $12,226,000.

    C.C. Sabathia resigns for 1 year $10,000,000 with Yankees.

    SPRO Analysis - New York Yankees pay market value for Sabathia. SPRO $10,062,000.

    Michael Pineda signs 2 year $10,000,000 contract with Twins.

    SPRO Analysis - Minnesota pays market value for Pineda. It's even a bit of a bargain. 2 Years $12,049,000.

    Fernando Rodney signs 1 year $4,500,000 with Twins, plus $2.5m incentives.

    SPRO Analysis - Minnesota gets bargain in Rodney. It's only a good bargain because some of Rodney's potential salary is tied to incentives, otherwise, it looks like a market value deal. SPRO $6,058,000.

    Wily Peralta signs 1 year $1,525,000 with Royals, plus $1.25m incentives.

    SPRO Analysis - Kansas City overpays for Peralta. SPRO $1,178,000.

    Pat Neshek signs 2 year $16,200,000 with Phillies.

    SPRO Analysis - Philadelphia pays market value for Neshek. Good sign. Better to us than the Hunter value. SPRO 3 years $28,350,000.

    Yusmeiro Petit signs 2 year $10,000,000 with A's.

    SPRO Analysis - Oakland pay market value for Petit. Actually, the Athletic get a bit of a discount. SPRO 2 years $12,776,000.

    Mike Minor signs 3 year $28,000,000 with Rangers.

    SPRO Analysis - Texas overpays for Minor. Yes, he's been good and last year was a fine rebound after injury. But there's not enough data in one year of good to give out this long and much. SPRO 2 years $10,997,000.

    Jake McGee signs 3 year $27,000,000 with Rockies.

    SPRO Analysis - Colorado overpays for McGee. Another example of the cyber geeks thinking a one inning setup man is worth this much. SPRO 2 years $13,673,000.

    Wade Davis signs 3 year $52,000,000 with Rockies.

    SPRO Analysis - Colorado overpays for Davis. Good sign, but no reliever not named Mariano Rivera is worth more than $15 million per year for 70 innings pitched. Push that out folks. A starter as good as Davis would get paid $45 million for 200 innings. SPRO 3 years $40,981,000.

    Tyler Chatwood signs 3 year $38,000,000 with Cubs.

    SPRO Analysis - Chicago Cubs overpay for Chatwood. Geez, that's just nuts. Didn't pitch 2 years ago. Had a 4.68 ERA last year (yes, Colorado, but still high when you're committing that much money.) SPRO 2 years $11,638,000.

    Tommy Hunter signs 2 year $18,000,000 with Phillies.

    SPRO Analysis - Philadelphia overpays for Hunter. Okay, we know you have lots of money to spend and this won't break your bank. But, $9m for a setup man who's never been great. SPRO 2 years $9,510,000.

    Jhoulys Chacin signs 2 year $15,500,000 with Brewers.

    SPRO Analysis - Milwaukees gets slight bargain in Chacin. Not a significant up, but up, and we'd have been okay with a third year. SPRO 2 years $17,729,000.

    Carlos Santana signs 3 year $60,000,000 with Phillies, plus Club option for 4th year at $17.5 million.

    SPRO Analysis - Philadelphia overpays for Santana. On a slow downturn over the last six years, Santana is still a productive player, but not worth nearly that much. SPRO 3 years $41,269,000.

    Matt Adams signs 1 year $4,000,000 with Nationals.

    SPRO Analysis - Washington pays market value for Adams. SPRO $4,050,000.

    Yonder Alonso signs 2 year $16,000,000 with Indians with vesting option for 3rd year at $9m.

    SPRO Analysis - Cleveland pays market value for Alonso. SPRO 2 years $16,770,000. Three year contract value SPRO $25,598,000.

    Zach Cozart signs 3 year $38,000,000 with Angels.

    SPRO Analysis - LA of Anaheim overpays for Cozart. Not a significant up, but is above what we think. SPRO 3 years $30,414,000.

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    Week of December 18

    Wellington Castillo signs 2 year $15,000,000 with White Sox with 8m option for 3rd year.

    SPRO Analysis - Chicago White Sox pay market value for Castillo. We think it's a bit high, but Castillo has been very consistent. SPRO 2 years $13,567,000 with 3rd year at $7.142m.

    Chris Ianetta signs 2 year $8,500,000 with Rockies.

    SPRO Analysis - Colorado gets bargain with Ianetta. SPRO 2 years $10,814,000.

    Nick Hundley signs 1 year $2,500,000 with Giants.

    SPRO Analysis - San Francisco gets bargain in Hundley. SPRO 2 years $3,468,000.

    Leonys Martin signs 1 year $1,175,000 with Tigers, plus $1.1m incentives.

    SPRO Analysis - Detroit gets bargain with Martin. It's right on par with our numbers considering potential incentives, but still a bargain in case he doesn't reach them, and he did have a bad year last season. SPRO 1 year $2,654,000.

    Mitch Moreland resigns 2 year $13,000,000 with Red Sox, plus $1m incentives.

    SPRO Analysis - Boston pays market value for Moreland. SPRO 2 years $14,349,000.

    Juan Nicasio signs 2 year $16,500,000 contract with Seattle with $4m in incentives.

    SPRO Analysis - Mariners overpay for Nicasio. Not a large over and this is becoming a trend for setup men. SPRO 2 Years $11,858,000.

    Luke Gregerson signs 2 year $11,000,000 with Cardinals.

    SPRO Analysis - St. Louis pays market value for Gregerson. Even a bit of a bargain. SPRO 2 years $13,020,000.

    Brandon Kintzler resigns 2 year $10,000,000 with Nationals.

    SPRO Analysis - Washington gets bargain with Kintzler. SPRO 2 years $13,594,000.

    Yovani Gallardo signs 2 year $2,000,000 with Brewers, plus $2m incentives.

    SPRO Analysis - Milwaukee gets bargain in Gallardo. If Yovani can get back to anywhere the success he had here before, it will be a great boon. SPRO $7,952,000.

    Tom Koehler signs 1 year $2,000,000 with Dodgers, plus $1.25m incentives.

    SPRO Analysis - LA Dodgers pay market value for Koehler. Actually a bargain considering some of the potential salary is tied to incentives. Including incentives, SPRO 1 year $3,977,000.

    Mike Fiers signs 1 year $6,000,000 with Tigers.

    SPRO Analysis - Detroit overpays for Fiers. SPRO $4,135,000.

    Jared Hughes signs 2 year $4,500,000 contract with Reds, with $750,000 incentives.

    SPRO Analysis - Cincinnati get bargain in Hughes. We don't get why Hughes is only worth $2.25m per year, but Hunter gets $9m. Hughes 5-3 with a 3.02 ERA over 59.7 IP. Hunter 3-5, 2.61, 58.7 IP. Okay, Hunter was better last year, but, really, that much? And if anything, Hughes has been more consistent and durable. 2 Years $10,590,000.

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