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TOP PEVA from 1900-1949

  • Counting down the best pitchers by league and year for the decades of the first half of the 1900's, including Walter Johnson, photo left.

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Best Pitchers By League

What is PEVA?

PEVA is the acronym for Stat Geek Baseball's New Player Rating value. This grade is given to each player and pitcher each season, rating their performance on a peer to peer review. Six components for pitchers and batters are melded together into the PEVA Rating, which ranges each year from 0.200 to 64.000. For more information on PEVA and the other new Stat Geek Baseball Stats, see our Definitions page. PEVA ratings are available for every pitcher and hitter in baseball history.

PEVA Scale

64.000 - Maximum
32.000 - Cy Young/MVP Candidate
20.000 - All League
15.000 - All-Star Level
10.000 - Very Good
3.500 - Average
0.200 - Minimum