Paul Goldschmidt

Image above: Paul Goldschmidt.

Rogers Centre, Toronto

2018 Fielding Ratings

Individual Player (Regular Season)

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Silver Mitt Award Winners

Position American League National League
OF JaCoby Jones, DET
Max Kepler, MIN
Mike Trout, LAA
Billy Hamilton, CIN
Starlin Marte, PIT
Jon Jay, ARI
1B Matt Olson, OAK Paul Goldschmidt, ARI
2B Jed Lowrie, OAK DJ LeMahieu, COL
3B Matt Chapman, OAK Nolan Arenado, COL
SS Andrelton Simmons, LAA Nick Ahmed, ARI
C Martin Maldonado, LAA Yadier Molina, SLN
P Kyle Gibson, MIN Zack Grienke, ARI
Fielding Ratings
Outfield First Base Second Base
Third Base Shortstop Catcher

    What is Field Value?

    Field Value (FV) is the fielding rating for Stat Geek Baseball's New Player Rating value. This rating is given to each player at each position they play during the season with over1 inning played per max games (162) at that position, as well as a total fielding rating given to a player for each season for players who played more than one position. A minimum grade is given per position to any player with under 162 innings played.

    Each position has different maximum, average, and minimum rating values per the difficulty and value of that position, which folds into the overall value of PEVA for that season.

    FV Scale Maximums

    Catcher - 2.10
    Shortstop - 1.75
    Outfield - 1.70
    Third Base - 1.70
    Second Base - 1.50
    First Base - 1.40
    Pitcher - 1.15

    For more information on FV, PEVA, and our other stats, see the About Our Stats page and other pages listed there.

    Silver Mitt Awards

    Are Baseball Evaluation's version of the Golden Gloves. Check to see just where the Gold Glove winners of this year fit into the Field Value and Silver Mitt rankings.

Note: Bold reflects 2018 Gold Glove Winner Silver Mitt Award Winner - Minimum 900 Innings Played at the position, except Pitcher 162 Innings Played

Fielding Statistics (Preliminary) as of 10-3-18. Based on Innings Played, Fielding Percentage, Range Factor, Stolen Base Percentage Caught (Catcher and Pitcher), Assists per 9 IP (OF). Fielding Ratings given for all players with minimum of 162 Innings Played at each position.

Fielding Ratings in the Stat Geek Baseball PEVA system are meant to give a grade that relates to value for payroll purposes. A player with a low amount of innings played at a position may be rated lower for that purpose, but be a better defensive player. They would be rated higher in the PEVA/FV system with higher innings played, but their FV is lower due to lack of use.

Notes: Photo/Image Credits: Paul Goldschmidt; Wikipedia Commons

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