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All-Time Best Careers

Troy Tulowitski

Current Franchises

American League


All-Time Team Bests Book

All-Time Team Bests Ebook. Over 750 pages of countdown data for the career best players and pitchers for every current franchise in Major League Baseball. Find out just where your favorite player ranks on your favorite team. Not just the top 20 players and pitchers. Every player. Every team. Thousands of entries.


Walter Johnson

Past Franchises

Altoona Mountain City
Other Baltimore Franchises

Canaries, Orioles, Marylands, Terrapins, Monumentals

Other Boston Franchises

Red Stockings, Reds

Other Brooklyn Franchises

Eckfords, Atlantics, Gladiators, Tip-Tops, Ward's Wonders

Buffalo Franchises

Bisons, Buffeds/Blues

Other Chicago Franchises

White Stockings, Chi-Feds, Pirates,Chicago/Pittsburgh UL

Other Cincinnati Franchises

Kelly's Killers, Outlaw Reds

Other Cleveland Franchises

Forest Citys, Blues, Blues & Spiders, Infants

Columbus Franchises

Buckeyes, Solons

Detroit Wolverines
Elizabeth Resolutes
Fort Wayne Kekiongas
Hartford Dark Blues
Indianapolis Franchises

Blues, Hoosiers, Indianapolis Hoosiers & Newark Peppers

Other Kansas City Franchises

Cowboys, Packers

Keokuk Westerns
Louisville Franchises

Grays, Eclipse & Colonels


Baseball's Best Careers

Ever wonder who had the best pitching or batting career in your favorite baseball team's history? Check out the top twenty pitchers and batters for the New York Yankees to the Minnesota Twins, plus the All-Time team for each current franchise ranked by PEVA, the performance evaluation from Stat Geek Baseball. Quiz your friends. See if you agree or disagree with the All-Time players of the American and National League franchises, plus more.

More Past Franchises

Middletown Mansfields
Other Milwaukee Franchises

Grays, Brewers AA, Brewers UL

New Haven Elm Citys
Other New York Franchises

Mutuals NA, Mutuals NL, Metropolitans, Giants PL

Other Philadelphia Franchises

Athletics NA, Athletics AA, Whites, Centennials, Athletics NL, Athletics PL, Keystones

Other Pittsburgh Franchises

Rebels, Burghers

Providence Grays
Richmond Virginians
Rockford Forest Citys
Rochester Broncos
Other St. Louis Franchises

Red Stockings, Brown Stockings NA, Brown Stockings NL, Maroons, Terriers

St. Paul Apostles
Syracuse Franchises
Toledo Franchises

Blue Stockings, Maumees

Troy Franchises

Trojans, Haymakers

Washington Franchises

Olympics, Nationals NA, Blue Legs, Nationals NA, Nationals AA, Nationals NL, Statesmen/Senators, Nationals UL

Wilmington Quicksteps
Worcester Ruby Legs

Note: All Baseball Evaluation Stats were developed by JDP Econ & are the proprietary property of JDP ECON,, and All rights reserved. If any of the Baseball Evaluation stats are used in articles, etc., please credit or

History of America

Check out our partners at America's Best History for the history of the United States. Great for students of history or just those that want to find out a little more about the whats, when, wheres, and how of heritage tourism.

Baseball Stat Books

  • Baseball History
  • Baseball's Best @ 150 Book

    The book that counts down the best players, pitchers, and fielders at the 150th Anniversary of Major League Baseball (1871-2020) with more entries than ever before.

  • Fields of Gold, Baseball's Best Glove Work
  • Fields of Gold, Baseball's Best Glove Work

    The newest book in the Stat Geek Baseball universe. Fields of Gold, Baseball's Best Glove Work. It's what the Best Ever Book was for hitting and pitching, but now a detailed look at the Best Fielders in Baseball History, including best position players for every team, and best overall for every position