Babe Ruth

Image above: Babe Ruth in a Boston Red Sox uniform prior to the trade to the New York Yankees.

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Best Batters of All-Time - Career

Regular Season. Sorted by Total PEVA.

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Babe Ruth Career Stats

Year Team Lg HR RBI AVE Age PEVA-B
1914 BOS AL 0 2 0.200 19 0.200
1915 BOS AL 4 21 0.315 20 2.467
1916 BOS AL 3 15 0.272 21 1.693
1917 BOS AL 2 12 0.325 22 2.020
1918 BOS AL 11 66 0.300 23 22.063
1919 BOS AL 29 114 0.322 24 45.484
1920 NYA AL 54 137 0.376 25 55.754
1921 NYA AL 59 171 0.378 26 54.876
1922 NYA AL 35 99 0.315 27 15.781
1923 NYA AL 41 131 0.393 28 58.931
1924 NYA AL 46 121 0.378 29 51.324
1925 NYA AL 25 66 0.290 30 7.608
1926 NYA AL 47 146 0.372 31 51.603
1927 NYA AL 60 164 0.356 32 51.850
1928 NYA AL 54 142 0.323 33 40.061
1929 NYA AL 46 154 0.345 34 31.530
1930 NYA AL 49 153 0.359 35 39.019
1931 NYA AL 46 163 0.373 36 41.968
1932 NYA AL 41 137 0.341 37 29.556
1933 NYA AL 34 103 0.301 38 23.392
1934 NYA AL 22 84 0.288 39 13.487
1935 BSN NL 6 12 0.181 40 0.872
Total 714 2213 0.342 641.541
  • Babe Ruth

    From Stat Geek Baseball's, the Best Ever Book.

    When you dominate the game during an entire decade to the point where almost every season ranks as one of the best seasons ever, it's not hard to imagine that when you cobble a career together, it ranks as the best in the long history of the game. Babe Ruth was, and still is, an icon that's hard for the public to imagine today. Yes, he was the Tiger Woods of baseball, if Tiger laps Nicklaus for the majors record by a mile. There was nobody in the game prior to Babe Ruth who was so dominant and nobody who has come along in later times who accomplished as much. There are some who prefer the grace and power of Mays or the dogged determination and consistency of the magnificent Hank, and there's logic in that passion. However, when the passion subsides and the newsreel footage rolls, it is Babe Ruth who accumulated statistics that almost defy logic. In a career of 154 game seasons, he hit 714 Home Runs, one per every 11.6 At Bats. All with a glass of beer and no PED allegations.

    It wasn't until he was 24 years old that Ruth even became a full-time position player, dividing time before then, while with the Boston Red Sox, as one of the best pitchers in the game. And yes, he could really pitch, winning 94 games with an ERA of 2.28. If you add his pitching rating to the Batting PEVA, it would rise by nearly 50 points. But it would be with that big stick where Ruth would amaze the crowds of folks who filled the seats at Yankee Stadium. His Slugging Percentage is the highest in baseball history, at 0.690 over 56 points higher than the man in second place, Ted Williams, at 0.634.

    He had 17 seasons with more than 20 home runs and hit 0.342 for his entire career. There was no more dominant player in the game during his career than the man that built a stadium and rekindled a game after scandal. And he did it with a style that marveled the people of the times. Babe Ruth ranks as the Best Ever Career Batter in baseball history, with nobody really close.

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Notes: Photo Credits: Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb; Library of Congress. Hank Aaron; Wikipedia Commons.

HOF/HOFP - Hall of Fame player. PEVA - Player Rating for Season or Career. PEVA per Year - Average Player Rating per season. Seasons include all seasons played with no monimum.

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