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Baseball's Best @ 150
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Counting down the Best Players, Pitchers, and Fielders on the 150th Anniversary of the Major Leagues.

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Comprehensive guide to the best players, pitchers, and fielders in baseball history at the 150th Anniversary of the Major Leagues (1871-2020).

The ultimate compendium for the baseball fan, including All-Time teams for your favorite franchise from the Yankees to the Dodgers and every team in between. Ranks for every franchise of their best batters, pitchers, and fielders, too. Great book for the baseball fan in your life. Includes the Top 500 batters, Top 250 pitchers, and the Top 150 Fielders at every position through the history of the sport, around 8,000 ranks, including the Top Seasons of All-Time and team. Expect a bunch of stats, and rankings.

Baseball Book

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An update of the popular book, Stat Geek Baseball's Best Ever Book, published in 2014, this new version on the 150th Anniversary of MLB (1871-2020) now includes the Best Players, Pitchers, Fielders, and All-Time teams of every francise.

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"Even for the man that thinks he knows all of the stats he still read this book from cover to cover and loved it."

"I bought this for my Husband who loves all things baseball. He is really enjoying the book and I was so happy to have found it for him."

"He loved it and started reading it at our Christmas party! It is hard to find something for someone who is a real baseball fan but this scored a home run."

Tampa Bay Rays Best of All-Time

Best Seasons of All-Time, Batters and Pitchers.

Best Careers of All-Time, Batters, Pitchers, and Fielders.

All-Time Teams, Best Seasons and Careers of all thirty Major League Franchises.