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Baseball's Best @150 Book

Comprehensive guide to the best players, pitchers, and fielders in baseball history at the 150th Anniversary of the Major Leagues (1871-2020) for the baseball fan. Includes the Top 500 batters, Top 250 pitchers, and the Top 150 Fielders at every position through the history of the sport, and the Top Seasons of All-Time and team.

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Baseball News

Baseball News

Two Elected to Hall of Fame in 2020, One More With Veterans Ballot

January 21, 2020 - It was no surprise when Derek Jeter was elected on the first ballot to the Baseball Hall of Fame, although some thought he should be unanimous. Jeter fell one vote short. A somewhat surprise was that Jeter will be accompanied in 2020 by Larry Walker. One more player will be on stage this summer to join them from the Recent Player Veterans Ballot, catcher Ted Simmons.

How Did the Vote Go for Those Inducted: Derek Jeter 99.7%, Larry Walker 76.6%. 75% is needed for election.

How Did Others Do Who Remain on the Ballot: Curt Schilling 70.0%, Roger Clemens 61.0%, Barry Bonds 60.7%, Omar Vizquel 52.6%, Scott Rolen 35.3%, Billy Wagner 31.7%, Gary Sheffield 30.5%, Todd Helton 29.2%, Manny Ramirez 28.2%, Jeff Kent 27.5%, Andruw Jones 19.4%, Sammy Sosa 13.9%, Andy Pettite 11.3%, Bobby Abreu 5.5%.

All those who did not get five percent of the vote are removed from the ballot next year.

Baseball's Best @ 150


Check out our books, including the newest Baseball's Best @ 150, the countdown of the best ever at the 150th anniversary of Major League Baseball.

Baseball History Notes

Deacon White

Baseball History Fact

April 4, 1871 - The first professional baseball league, the National Association, debuts with a game between the Cleveland Forest Citys and the Fort Wayne Kekiongas. Fort Wayne won the initial official game 2 to 0.

What else happened that year? January 17, 1871 - Andrew Smith Hallidie patents an improvement in endless wire and rope ways for cable cars. And on November 17, 1871 - The National Rifle Association is granted a charter by the State of New York.

Baseball History

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