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Baseball Evaluation Stats, Player Ratings, and Salary Projections. 5,000 Hours of Research. Now a Player Rating System that Mirrors the Way Real Baseball Values Its Players with Stats you can get Nowhere Else! Explaining the performance evaluation stats of Stat Geek Baseball. Our New Stats Include ...

PEVA - Individual Player Rating for each season.
SPRO - Salary Projection data for future years.
EXPEQ - Experience Equivalent to Major League Service Time.

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Baseball News

Baseball News

Hall of Fame Vet Committee Elects Two

December 11, 2017 - The sixteen man Veterans Committee for the Modern Age voted to elect Jack Morris, Detroit Tigers pitcher, and Alan Trammell, Detroit Tigers shortstop to the Hall of Fame. Morris would rank 39 of the 68 Hall of Fame pitchers currently in Cooperstown, while Trammell would rank 10 of 23 Hall of Fame shortstops. These two player will be inducted into the Hall of Fame with the 2018 class and were elected with at least 12 votes from the Veterans Committee.

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Baseball Contracts

Hot Stove League Contracts


Check the Hot Stove League sections now for our projections of Free Agent Contract Values, Qualifying Offers, and other contract offers for Arbitration Eligible and Pre-Arbitration Eligible Players for the 2016-2017 offseason, all using our proprietary SPRO system, telling you what they should be paid.

Free Agents

Week of February 20

Matt Wieters signs 2 year $21,000,000 with Nationals, plus player opt-out after 1 year.

SPRO Analysis - Washington overpays for Wieters. Whoa! We like Weiters and he's been rebounding the last two years, but nowhere near what he was three years back. Taking a big chance that he gets there with this contract that seems pretty player friendly to us. SPRO 2 year $9,583,000.

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Resigned with Team

Week of March 20

Tim Anderson signs 6 year $25,000,000 contract with White Sox, including two Option years at $12.5 and $14m with $1m buyout.

SPRO Analysis - Chicago White Sox overpay for Anderson. Way too early to be doing this after a year, only part of it at 0.115 Service Days, that was good, not great. No multi-year extension for us.

Resigned with Team

Week of February 14

Dellin Betances loses ARBITRATIONS HEARING and signs 1 year $3,000,000 with Yankees.

SPRO Analysis - New York Yankees get bargain in Betances. Betances wanted $5m and isn't happy with the outcome. We think it was a middle of the road value with Betances taking slight steps back two years in a row, but still good. SPRO 1 year $4,353,000.

Colin McHugh wins ARBITRATIONS HEARING and signs 1 year $3,850,000 with Astros.

SPRO Analysis - Houston gets bargain in McHugh. They'd wanted to pay only $3.35m. Hmmmn. We think he's worth more than both figures. SPRO 1 year $5,357,000.

Jake Odorizzi wins ARBITRATIONS HEARING and signs 1 year $4,100,000 with Rays.

SPRO Analysis - Tampa Bay pays market value for Odorizzi. Club figure $3.825m. SPRO 1 year $4,614,000.

Marcus Stroman wins ARBITRATIONS HEARING and signs 1 year $3,400,000 with Blue Jays.

SPRO Analysis - Toronto pays market value for Stroman. Toronto offer had been $3.1m. SPRO 1 year $3,172,000.

Baseball History Notes

Deacon White

Baseball History Fact

April 4, 1871 - The first professional baseball league, the National Association, debuts with a game between the Cleveland Forest Citys and the Fort Wayne Kekiongas. Fort Wayne won the initial official game 2 to 0.

What else happened that year? January 17, 1871 - Andrew Smith Hallidie patents an improvement in endless wire and rope ways for cable cars. And on November 17, 1871 - The National Rifle Association is granted a charter by the State of New York.

Baseball History

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